About Us

Smart Presence Robotics and Teleporting Technology is all set to revolutionize the way people Work, Learn, Treat, Travel and Collaborate.

To simply put-it Smart Presence Robotics and Teleporting is not the next door conventional and mundane Room based Video Conference, instead this ahead of the curve tech allows you to be present anywhere at will without restricting your presence to a Fixed Screen or a Room. Hence M/s Klub Class who is a well known Digital Solutions Provider in the verticals of Holography and Cloud Based Video Collaborations for Health Care & Continuing Education has been instrumental and a pioneer for Smart Presence Robotics and Teleporting Technology in India and the Region along with a strategic partnership and sole marketing & distribution rights of Beam Smart Presence Robots which are innovated in Palo Alto, USA by Suitable Technologies.

B.S.Raghuram who is the Chief Executive of M/s Klub Class has an enviable track record in leading strategic, creative and technically diversified teams in deploying & implementing State of Art Solutions and Products by leveraging upon the most frontier technologies like Smart Presence Robotics, Holography & Teleporting Tech and hence empoweing

  1. People to be Present anywhere at Will
  2. New Age Corporate Offices , Factories, Banks and Real Estate
  3. High Recall Election campaigns
  4. Experiential Retailing in High Networth Stores
  5. Better Quality Tertiary Medical Care by bringing a Specialist Doctor close to a patient in a small town
  6. High Class Primary, Secondary and Higher Educational Services by bringing the best educationists in front of students even in small villages
  7. More oppurtunities Disabled & Underprivileged People
  8. Large Campaings, Surveillance & Monitoring, etc